All In

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Hebrews 11:15 “And truly, if they had been mindful of that country from whence they came out, they might have had opportunity to have returned “

The year was 1517, and Hernando Cortez and his three ships of soldiers sailed from Spain to conquer and claim Mexico for his country. When they finally arrived in the Mexican bay, small boats took all the soldiers to the shore to prepare for an inland march to the capital city of the Aztec Indian empire to defeat King Montezuma and his forces. Once all the soldiers were on shore, Cortez then motioned for a few men to row back out to the ships. As the soldiers watched, their curiosity turned to horror as the men lit torches and threw them onto the decks of the three ships. The soldiers stood speechless with eyes and mouths open as they realized they would never again see their home country or families.

They had no choice now but to turn, follow Cortez into battle, and crush the enemy and win the war. There was no turning back. They either had to go ALL IN or not at all! That’s exactly what Hebrews 11:15 is talking to us about. “All in” does not mean most of the way in, or partially in. It’s ALL in. If Abraham had been pining away at where he was and where he came from, he would have had an opportunity to go back! There’s nothing worse than being someplace physically, but someplace else mentally. Especially a place from the past.

God wants us to be all in with what He has called us to do. It starts with being “mindful” of where God is leading you, not from where you came. No looking back. No halfway in. Make a decision now and declare…I’m all in!