Introducing the "Hamon" Sandwich

Hamon Sandwich - FB.png

Esther 5:9 “Hamon went away that day joyful and elated in heart. But when he saw Mordecai at the king’s gate refusing to stand up or show fear before him, he was filled with anger against Mordecai.”

I didn’t say ham sandwich…I said Hamon sandwich. Let me explain.

Chapter five of the book of Esther talks about an evil man named Hamon who hated the Jews. He had great influence with the king and had just been invited to a special dinner at the palace. He went away ecstatic at what had just happened, but as he was walking away ONE person spoiled everything for him!

That person was Mordecai, who refused to stand up and show reverence for him at the king’s gate. In verse 10 it says that Hamon kept it inside his heart. It says in verse 11 that when he went home he recounted to his family the glory of his riches, the abundance of his ten sons, and the promotion he had just received. Then in verse 13 he said, “Yet none of this benefit me as long as I see Mordecai the Jew sitting at the king’s gate”. He couldn’t enjoy all the blessings of his life because one person really annoyed him for not honoring him like he supposedly deserved.

Ever done that? You were going through your day, everything was going just great, life was wonderful, then one person does or says something that annoyed you and BAM, there goes your joy. You just ate a “Hamon sandwich”! Don’t do it! Don’t allow that one thing to steal so much good in your life, your marriage, your children. Just keep moving and focus on all the good. Let the fruit of the Spirit be your immediate response to comments and situations. Your choice, fruit of the Spirit or Hamon sandwich!