Healing is Not a P.S.

Psalm 103-3.png

Psalm 103:3 “who forgives all your iniquities; who Heals all your diseases” 

We all need to get to where we believe God’s report more than any other report from any other source!  You’ve crossed over into the Spirit when God’s word dominates you more than what you can see, taste, hear, smell and feel. 

Physical healing was purchased through Christ’s atonement. It is not just a “P.S.” to forgiveness of sin.  As you may know, P.S stands for postscript, meaning “written after”. It is generally used in a letter – “writing to indicate something added after the body of the letter was completed and signed”. 

Healing is an integral part of what Jesus died to give us. In fact, His sacrifice provides physical healing just as much as forgiveness of sin.  God would no more give someone sickness than lead them into sin. WHY? Jesus shed his precious blood to completely redeem us from both! 

Here is what I believe is a huge key, believing that you are forgiven of all your sins, directly relates to healing of all diseases. In other words make God’s “ALL” your “ALL”. Christ has redeemed you from ALL the curse, it’s not just a “P.S.” at the end, it’s all included!  Receive divine health today!