Grace for the Last, the Lost, and the Least

End of Your Rope.png

Genesis 32:24 "And Jacob was left alone: and there wrestled a man with him until the break of day" 

Did you know that grace is attracted to our weakness?  So why do we always try to "put our best foot forward" and fix things ourselves?  Why do you we think that God is waiting for us to turn our weaknesses into strengths?  Why do we think God is only interested in our strengths?  Hmm, that leads to another question.  If God is only after strengths, why are the parables all about "the last, the lost, and the least"? 

Wait!  As Spirit-filled Christians who love God, are we sometimes amongst the last, the lost, and the least?  Yes.  Nobody has arrived, we are all in a process of growth.  Before God, we need to "put our worst foot forward" and tell God "I'm weak, God, I have this problem, I can't do that".  God then says, "no problem, I'll be your strength".

In Genesis 32, Jacob wrestled with God.  We heard this taught that Jacob was implying, "God I won't stop wrestling until You bless me".  But if you read it carefully, as Jacob wrestled with God, God said in verse 26, "let Me go".  God wanted to leave, but when God touched his thigh, Jacob now needed God, and God couldn't  go.  There was no way Jacob was going to let God go, he needed Him in this state of weakness.  That's when God's grace came…when Jacob was at his weakest.   

If a person is drowning in an ocean, and someone comes to rescue them, if the person who is being rescued is thrashing in the water, he will bring both people down.  If the person being rescued simply lets go, and stops exerting his own strength, he will live.  

Jesus loves to help the last, the lost, and the least.  It's the self-sufficient and self-confident that He can't help.  When you're at the end of yourself, you have just found the beginning of God!  He loves to help those that have no more hope, no more help, no end in sight.  If you are at the end of your rope, there is a life line waiting for you, His name is Jesus, and He is a very present help in your time of need.