Woulda, Coulda, Shoulda

"For a day in your courts is better than a thousand elsewhere…" Psalm 84:10 

What?  One day in God's presence is equivalent to over three years doing things my own way?  Yes, that's what my Bible says.  Spending time every day enjoying God's goodness is how you redeem the time you have lost to worry, fear, addictions, sickness, bondage, and striving in your own efforts.  One day content in God's grace can replace thousands of days and years spent living apart from God, in an affair, as a workaholic, alcoholic, in strife, in unforgiveness, on drugs, depressed, broke, in an abusive relationship, as a perfectionist, legalistic, and every other destructive thing.  

Don't waste another day in guilt and condemnation and regret over the past.  No more lamenting over what you woulda been, or what you coulda had, or what you shoulda done.  Live every day satisfied in God's grace and He will restore to you all the years the "locusts have eaten and stolen from you", Joel 2:25.  No matter what's happening around you, spend the rest of your days enjoying His goodness and expecting His favor.