You Want a "Peace" of Me?

Philippians 4:7 - “the peace of God, which passes understanding, shall keep your hearts and minds through Christ Jesus.”

Is there something that's trying to take your peace away?  Here’s some advice, don’t give your peace away.  There was a time many years ago, whenever I heard some bad news, instantly I could sense anxiety and fear trying to rise up in me.  In the middle of the night, in my sleep, God spoke to me and said, “Don’t let anything take your peace away”, and then He said, “Don’t give your peace away, and you can have peace that passes understanding”.  Wow! 

Whatever you’re going through or in the midst of today, you can have peace that passes understanding, inner tranquility, and inner confidence that exceeds what you can figure out or even comprehend.  It goes past our knowledge and all reasoning.  Remember, in the kingdom of God, 2+2 can equal 2,000,000, God and you make up the majority!

Here are six simple things to remember when something wants a “peace” of you!... 

·         As soon as anxiety or fear tries to come, say “No fear here!” and begin to invite God into the situation through prayer and thanksgiving.

·         Make a “definite request” to God regarding your situation, which is a prayer or petition that is in total agreement with God’s word. 

·         Don’t let anything or anyone “take a peace of you”.  Keeping and maintaining your peace is a decision and a choice you make, not based on an emotion or feeling. Being in peace is a key to your daily walk because it helps you to keep focused and sensitive to God.

·         “Peace that passes all understanding” doesn’t try to understand everything.  God can show you anything at anytime and as much or as little as He chooses, so stay in peace until He does.

·         “With thanksgiving” means to give thanks for what has been “given” and is an “evidence of things hoped for”.  A thankful heart is a supernatural force of your faith and brings results.

·         Don’t tolerate worry.  Worry is sin because it borrows from the future.  Don’t worry about tomorrow, God is already there! 

Next time someone or something wants “a peace of you”, say NO WAY!