Is That Your Final Answer?

Mark 11:14 "And Jesus answered and said unto it, no man eat fruit of thee hereafter forever. And His disciples heard it."

"Is that your final answer?" is a phrase made famous from an American television game quiz show that first aired in 1999 called Who Wants to be a Millionaire.  The show made television history as being the first network game show to offer a million dollar top prize, and has since become one of the highest-rated game shows of all time.

Jesus gave His final answer to a fig tree in Mark 11:14, "and Jesus answered and said unto it".  Notice that the tree had not spoken to Him verbally, but by having leaves, it "communicated" that it had figs too…but it didn't.  You see, a fig tree actually produces green figs before the leaves appear, and if no figs are produced by that time, then the tree will not have any figs that year. This fig tree was professing something that it didn't have.

Not only trees or plants, but other things are "communicating" with us all the time.   Circumstances can tell you that you have failed. Your body can tell you that you are sick.  The doctors report can tell you you're not going to get any better. Your wallet can tell you that you are broke. You need to follow Jesus' example and answer these things with a positive statement of your faith.

What good would it do to talk to a tree or an inanimate object? God created the heavens, the earth, and everything in it, BY HIS WORDS (Heb11:3)!  Proverbs 18:21 says our words, when spoken in faith, release either life or death. Our words affect people, things, and circumstances all around us. 

When we speak, positive or negative, we release power in our words.  Jesus spoke to a fig tree, cursed it, and within 24 hours that tree was dried up at the root.  That’s powerful.  What is speaking to you today? A pain in your body? Bad news in your family? An overdue bill staring at you, telling you that you'll never be able to pay it? Do what Jesus did, "answer" it folks.  Tell it what the Word says, and watch it come to pass.  Give it your final answer!