Faith in Your Faithfulness

Habakkuk 2:4 (Amplified Bible) "The just man shall live by his faith and in his faithfulness"

I once heard a story of a well known preacher who was on his way to a very large conference where he was the keynote speaker.  On the way his SUV was hit broadside and thankfully no one was seriously injured, although he and the other passengers were taken to a local hospital.  While in the Intensive Care Unit, the doctors left the room, and when they came back in they found that he struggled to get out of bed and was sitting on a metal stool in the corner of the room with his bible in his hand. They asked "What are you trying to do"?  His reply was, "I was on my way to preach a message that God gave me tonight, and I'm going to do the last thing that God told me to do".

That my friend is the definition of "faithfulness".  Doing the last thing that God told you to do and continuing to do what God told you until He tells you something else. Many times we struggle, not because of something we’re doing wrong, but because we just don't do what's right long enough.  Don't just be a strong starter, but be an even stronger finisher.

Proverbs 20:6 says "Many a man proclaims his own loving kindness and goodness, but a faithful man, who can find?"  God puts a premium on the character of a person who is a strong finisher.  He esteems a person who carries things through to the finish line.  That’s called faithfulness!  

Many times God speaks to us in His silence.  Huh?  Yes, in His silence, He is saying, “Don't allow yourself to always look for something new but have a renewed passion for what is in your hand right now”.  Have faith in your faithfulness and make a decision today to be that person that God can find.