Six Powerful Words

Acts 13:43 “When the congregation was dismissed, many of the Jews and devout converts to Judaism followed Paul and Barnabas, who talked with them and urged them to continue in the grace of God.” 

If you are ever asked to share your faith with a group of people and you are stuck for ideas, I highly recommend that you share this six-word gem from Paul and Barnabus…”continue in the grace of God”.  What a powerful and simple message!  Why?  Your appeal to the people… 

“Are you working so hard that you are on the verge of burnout? You need to continue in the grace of God.”  “Are you worried that you’re not doing enough for Jesus?  Continue in the grace of God.”  “Are you distracted and confused by Old Testament teachings like generational curses, or End Time anxiety?  Continue in the grace of God.” “Are you facing financial difficulties, sickness, or demonic oppression?  Continue in the grace of God.”  “Want to make something out of your life?  Continue in the grace of God.”  How about “Advice to give your adult children as they leave your house?  Continue in the grace of God.” 

What does it mean to continue in the grace of God? 

1.    It’s only grace from start to finish – there is nothing greater that can help us in any area of life.

2.    Grace comes to us through faith alone – so continuing in the grace of God is continuing in the faith.

3.    Since grace is a person, and that person is Jesus – keep your eyes fixed on Jesus, see Him as your solution, and keep trusting Him. 

In Acts 13:43, Paul and Barnabus were speaking to “Jews and devout converts to Judaism”, people who had been raised under the law.  What is the greatest danger or temptation to those who are used to living under the law?  To return to the law, or worse yet, to try to mix the law with grace.  

Paul’s exhortation was to “continue in the grace of God”.  In other words, don’t go back to where you came from.  Don’t go back to a performance based way of thinking and doing.  Don’t go back to measuring your performance or comparing yourself to others, causing a cycle of guilt, and condemnation, or fear of punishment, or even boasting. 

So, as He said to these devout Jews, God is saying the same to us today, “Continue in my grace”, don’t go back, you’ve been redeemed, made righteous, you are free!”  Continue in the grace of God!