Drive a Stake Into the Ground

Luke 19:13 "And he called his ten servants, and delivered them ten pounds, and said occupy till I come"

When I was real young, some of the greatest times I remember are when my dad and me would go camping.  They were awesome times together.  We would always put up a tent and sleep in it for the three of four days we were out in the woods.  I remember how we would stretch out the rope on four sides and then drive the stakes at the end of each rope into the ground.  We had to make sure the stakes went deep into the dirt so that as we moved around inside the tent, the stakes wouldn’t come loose and it would fall down around us.  Very important.

To "drive a stake into the ground" is a Native American term.  When they were under attack and it looked like they were going to be defeated, they would "drive a stake into the ground" and actually tie a person by the leg to it so that they would have to stay there and defend that piece of the ground to the death!

Folks, we need to take our stand in what we believe in, no matter what it looks like, no matter how we feel, no matter what people say, NO MATTER WHAT, we need to drive a stake into the ground regarding God’s Word in these last days. In Luke 19, there's a story of a certain nobleman who went into a far country to “receive for himself a kingdom, and to return”.  This is a picture of Jesus.  The nobleman then gave instructions to his servants to “occupy till I come”.  We’re not supposed to just sit back and let the devil have his way in our lives, or in our society, or in the sanctity of marriage, or in the worth and value of the unborn and the elderly.  No, we are to occupy until Jesus returns again.

We need to “drive a stake into the ground” concerning what God's Word says.  It’s not time to quit, to give up, or to give in.  Family, it's time for God's people to take a stand!  It's not “que sera sera”, it’s time to drive that stake in the ground and to occupy till Jesus comes back.  Keep taking ground, keep serving, keep advancing, this earth belongs to the Lord, and we are to be managers and of it.  Drive a stake into the “ground” that Jesus has assigned you to, in His name.  Keep telling of His goodness!  Keep sharing the good news of the Gospel with others, don’t be afraid of the PC (politically correct) crowd.  Go ahead, drive a stake into the ground, tie yourself to the Word, and OCCUPY till He comes!