Take What's Yours

Matthew 6:11 – “Give us this day our daily bread”. 

Some of my favorite memories are of dinner time as a young boy in the Fortunato household.  Imagine five kids, mom, dad, around the kitchen table…a lot could, and often would happen.  People talked over one another, lots of hijinks, questions were asked that you were supposed to answer, it was really interesting.  But there’s one thing that none of us ever did, beg our parents for food.  We never had to say, “I know I don’t deserve it, but could you please give me a crust of bread, I’m really hungry”.  On the contrary, it was survival of the fittest at our dinner table.  I learned pretty early, if you wanted a pork chop at our table, you better take it while you can. 

Notice in Matthew 6:11, it doesn’t say, “Give me this day my daily bread?”, it isn’t a question, this is a demand.  Not an arrogant demand, like “God, I’m forcing you!”  But more like a child who comes into the kitchen, walks up to his mom and says, “Mom, I’m hungry, I want something to eat”.  Do you think the mom would grab the child and say, “Get down on your knees and beg!”  Absolutely not.  Providing meals is a basic part of the family relationship.  Children expect mom and dad to me their needs.  It’s familiarity with their parents’ love that makes them bold in their approach.  

God wants us to be this way with Him.  He desires all believers to be so familiar with His love that our approach toward Him is bold (Hebrews 4:16).  He really desires for His children to believe that all His provision they need has already been made.  They just have to reach out in faith and “take it”.  Simply say, “Father, thank You!  I receive my healing”, “I receive my covenant prosperity, I love You Father”.  You aren’t making God do something.  You just know in your heart that He’s already supplied, so you reach out and take it. 

“Give us this day our daily bread!”  Just take advantage of what He’s already done.  Appropriate it.  It’s yours!