From Beggar to Businessman

1 Samuel 10:6 – “And the Spirit of the Lord will come upon thee, and thou shalt prophecy with them, and shall be turned into another man” 

American author, salesman and motivational speaker, “Zig” Ziglar tells this story…A number of years ago, he was walking down a major street in a large American city, and he saw a beggar with a container of pencils for sale for $1.00.  Most people that walked by just put a dollar in the man’s container and kept walking.  Zig did the same thing, then suddenly stopped in his tracks and went back to the man and said, “I want my pencil that I paid for”.  When the man gave Zig his pencil, he said to the beggar, “You’re no longer a beggar, you’re a business man”.  Years later a young man dressed in a nice suit walked up to Zig after one of his seminars and said, “I’m the man who sold you a pencil for a dollar.  What you said changed my life.  I now own my own business”.  

That’s the power of words and the power of love that changes a life, my friends!  Romans 4:15 says that God calls the ungodly righteous.  He calls the ungodly justified.  By His words He changes lives.  

In 1 Samuel 10:6, it says “the Spirit of the Lord will come upon you…and you shall be turned into another man”.  In the old covenant, the Holy Spirit came upon a person, in the new covenant, He comes within a person.  A supernatural change takes place on the inside.  In 2 Corinthians 5:17 Paul says that we become a “new creation”.  Just think about it, a completely new person comes into existence on the inside, then eventually, as we renew our minds to what God’s Word says, changes take place on the outside.  

That’s what happened to the man on the street when Zig Ziglar spoke those life changing words to him, he saw himself as a businessman and went from being a beggar to the owner of his own company.  Right believing will always produce right living.  Believing and speaking what God’s Word says about your life produces right living.  

For example, you are righteous because the Word says you’re righteous, no matter what mistakes you’ve made and dumb things you’ve done.  Believing and speaking that you are righteous produces right living.  Most people have it backwards.  They think that trying to be righteous produces right living, but it only produces anxiety and sin-consciousness.  It’s the Word that turns you into “another man”, because of the Spirit of God within you.  

Go ahead, be all that God’s Word says that you are!  Speak what He says about you!  Fulfill your destiny!