What You Guys Can't See

Matthew 6:4 “The Father which sees in secret, Himself shall reward you openly” 

Want a recipe for greatness?  Read on.  While playing in Game 3 of the National Basketball League finals, LeBron James, the greatest player in the world, had such severe leg cramps that he could barely walk, let alone play the last seven minutes of the game.  Everyone wondered, “How will he perform the next game”, “How will he do it?”  “Is he the same player?”  Well, the next game he had 40 points, 10 rebounds, 6 assists, and played incredible defense.  When interviewed after the game, he was asked, “How did you come back so strong?”, to which he replied in a way that I believe all great people that have proven results would respond.  He said, “You don’t know how I prepare behind closed doors.  I’m always in the gym, working on my game.  I’m doing the right things when you guys can’t see.  You only see the result.” 

In Matthew 6:4, Jesus gives us a principle for greatness for our lives: whatever you do when no one is watching, will show up when everyone is watching.  Author and speaker, John Maxwell says that he can tell how successful a person will be in life by just following them around for one day.  It would be awesome to follow LeBron James around for a day.  Think about it, what we see under the lights in front of millions of viewers has been played out thousands of times in a lonely, sweaty gymnasium.  

It’s the same for our lives.  In Acts 4:13, it says that the people took notice of Peter, “that he had been with Jesus”.  Our outward lives are a direct result of our private times with Jesus.  Now, I know that He is with us at all time because He is in us, but what I’m talking about is spending time with Him.  The same as when Jesus spent time with the Father.  How about you?  Do you set aside time for the Word of God, and to talk with Father in prayer, and to listen for the voice of the Holy Spirit? 

I guarantee that what you do in secret will show up on the job, in your marriage, with your friends, wherever you go.  If it’s spent in the Word of God and enjoying His presence, Isaiah 60:2 says that “His glory shall be seen on you”.  

Great people work on their “game” all the time, they look to improve their weak areas, they know that spending time alone, set apart, will produce results on “game night” in “prime time”!  So take inventory of what you are doing “when people can’t see”.  Your life and prosperity and success depends on it.  Remember, those that fail to prepare, prepare to fail.  So, prepare to win!