To Be a Mockingbird

Ephesians 5:1 – “Be followers of God, as dear children”

One of God’s many amazing creations is the mockingbird.  There are about 17 different kinds of mockingbirds throughout the world, but what really makes them unique is their ability to mimic sounds around them.  They have been known to imitate humans, songs of other birds, a dog barking, a rooster crowing, a piano playing, and even a car honking, a squeaky door and a cat meowing.  What a remarkable creation!

In Ephesians 5:1, Paul gives us a command to be followers of God, as dear children.  The Greek word for followers is mimetes, which means imitators, to mimic the speech and manner of life of another.  Have you ever noticed the way a young boy walks alongside his dad or big brother?  Or the way he talks?  Usually just like the one he admires.  I’ve even had parents tell me that their boys sometimes “preach” at home like me, including the “can you say amen!”  We’ve also had kids in Children’s Church say some pretty startling things that they’ve picked up from their parents!

Just like children imitate their parents, we are commanded to be imitators of our Father God.  He wants us to mimic Him, just like a mockingbird imitates the sounds it hears.  Paul goes on to say in verse 2 to “walk in love”, but doesn’t leave us there, He adds, “as Christ also loves us”.  Christ’s love for you will always precede your love for others, isn’t that great?!  In Ephesians 5:25, Paul says for husbands to love their wives, but then he says, “as Christ loved the church”.  Thank God!

So here’s how it works…first receive God’s love.  Every morning, say to yourself “God loves me, God cares about me, God is for me”.  We can’t give away something we haven’t received, so receive God’s love for YOU!  Then, begin to imitate God’s love for you toward others.  Freely you have received, now freely give.  It’s that simple.

So, the next time you hear or see a mockingbird, think about how much God loves You and wants you to imitate that love toward others!