Where Are the Bulldogs

Genesis 32:26 - "And he said, Let me go, for the day breaketh. And he said, I will not let thee go, except thou bless me." 

Did you know that bulldogs are trained to control unruly cattle (bulls) and large game such as boars?  They have very powerful jaw muscles that help them to lock down on their target.  They have an amazing will and determination, it's nearly impossible to get them to release their grip, no matter what the circumstance.  How?  They are created with a facial structure that helps them to continue to breathe while locking down. 

Where are the "bulldogs" in the church?  I honestly believe that too many people give up way too easily on the promises of God.  We need to strengthen the "jaw muscles" that God has given us to lock down our target and breathe! 

We need to take hold of a scripture, lock down a promise, make it present tense, and claim it as our own, right now.  Then...here's the important part...we can't let go, we need to hold on and breathe (go about our daily lives).  This is called faith.  God has given us the promises, but WE choose to have the determination and the will to see them come to pass in our lives.  

Do YOU have the "bulldog" determination?  Are you willing to make the promises of God present tense?  How long are you willing to "lock down"?  As long as it takes?  We are created to lock down and breathe.  To walk by faith, and keep walking until we see it.  

Jacob told the angel, "I will not let go until you bless me!"  You have the same DNA as Jacob, you are that bulldog, you won't let go, you won't give up, you will not stop until you are blessed.  Put your name on that promise that is the answer to your situation, and don't let go!