I Am Second

Matthew 6:33 – “Seek first the Kingdom of God…” 

I’m going outside the box for a minute and share with you what I believe is some great news about an organization called I Am Second.  It’s a movement meant to inspire people of all kinds to live for God and for others.  Athletes.  Musicians. Business leaders.  Actors.  Your next door neighbor.  People like yourself.  A movement that says, “I can’t go it alone”.  

By the way, I Am Second is not a new movement, it began when God, the Father, Who put us first and gave His best for us, His only Son. 

Why must we put Jesus first?  Why are we second?  Conversations about I Am Second are taking place on college campuses all across America and around the world.  In business board rooms, community gatherings, professional locker rooms.  I Am Second is a revelation to many folks, contrary to the “me first”, and “what about mine” way of thinking and living.  Instead, it’s God first, others first, and me second.  It adds meaning and purpose to our daily life, as we welcome I Am Second opportunities throughout our day, opportunities to put others first. 

People all over are wearing it, painting it, tweeting it.  I Am Secondis showing up in some of the most visible venues of our day.  On stage, at the game, it’s boundless.  Hope is being spread from Rumania to Nepal to Sudan.  Lives are being transformed, all through personal “stories” demonstrating the infinite power of a changed life through Christ. 

This multimedia, not for profit group is designed to inspire people to live differently.  Simply put, I Am Second has become a revival of Christian Evangelism.  Scores of people, called “seconds”, are sharing how their lives have impacted the lives of others through a relationship with Jesus Christ.  Here are some “seconds”… 

Alex Kendrick – film director
Bethany Hamilton – professional surfer
Bailee Madison – child actor
Brian Sumner – professional skateboard athlete
Clayton Kershaw – pro pitcher
Darell Waltrip – NASCAR driver
Janine Turner – actress
Jason Castro – singer, American Idol finalist
Jason Witten – Dallas Cowboys player
Phil Robertson – Duck Dynasty founder
Sean Lowe – The Bachelor
Scott McCreery – country music singer
Mike Huckabee – politician