Dynamic Soaring in 2015

Isaiah 40:31 “But they that wait upon the LORD shall renew their strength; they shall mount up with wings as eagles; they shall run, and not be weary; and they shall walk, and not faint.” 

When I was in the window and siding business many years ago, there was a saying among the sales people, “Are you working hard, or working smart?”, meaning a lot of sweat and effort doesn’t always translate into results.  Several months ago I wrote about the Albatross, an amazing seabird that can travel thousands of miles with very little effort from flapping.  Crazy, right?  This is a technique called “dynamic soaring”, here’s the definition… 

“Some seabirds dynamically soar by repeatedly diving into the valleys of ocean waves, and then wheeling back up into the air.  When the bird pulls up into the wind out of the still air in the lee of a wave, it suddenly becomes exposed to a head wind, so the speed of the air over its wings increases. It then turns in the other direction and, with the wind behind it, dives back into the shelter of a wave. This also results in an increase in its air-speed. So by repeating this "wheeling" pattern, the bird can continue flying almost indefinitely without having to put in much effort besides steering.” 

Here’s some good news, in the year to come, you will most definitely face some obstacles.  BUT, like the Albatross, you can dive into the waves (obstacles), face the wind (obstacles) head on, angle your “wings” a little, make some small adjustments, and use the wind (former obstacles) to your advantage. 

This is a fine example for us of grace.  Grace means rest.  Resting in the covenant promises you have with God.  In Leviticus 25:18-22, God commanded a year of rest for the fields, no planting, every seven years.  How did they survive?  In the sixth year God blessed them with three times as much crops to get them through the present year, the seventh year, and the eighth year while they were waiting for harvest time.  Even in the wilderness, God’s people rested one day a week.  How did they survive?  The day before God provided enough food for two days.  Rest brings increase. 

In 2015, use the “wind” or obstacles that’s been working against you propel you farther than you’ve ever been before.  Practice the technique of “dynamic soaring”.  Rest in God and allow the obstacles in your life to carry you through to great results in 2015.  Be restful, not sweatful.  “Wheel back around” from “wave to wave”, and gain speed with very little effort.  Get ready to soar as never before.  Go farther than you’ve ever gone before!  

On January 11th, I will be sharing the vision that God has given me for 2015…don’t miss it!