Bride and Groom Questionnaire

The answers to the following questions are meant to provide an opportunity for a better understanding of each other. A better understanding BEFORE marriage will make the transition to married life easier.  We will never know everything about each other before marriage, so we need to be as open and honest, as possible, to prevent a good marriage from becoming a bad marriage.  A separate questionnaire must be completed by each the Bride and the Groom.  Please devote as much time and thought to this questionnaire as you possibly can.  

Today's Date *
Today's Date
Name *
Are you an American citizen? *
General Information
Did you attend college? *
Have you served int the military? *
Have you ever been arrested or convicted of a crime? *
Are you presently taking any medication? *
Have you every been treated for emotional problems? *
Have you been diagnosed with any physical handicaps? *
Do you use any drug or alcohol substance ? *
Have you ever been in a Rehabilitation Center for any reason? *
Sex and Children
Do you know of any reason why you cannot have a normal sex life? *
Do you know of any reason why conception would not be possible due to impotence or any physiological problem? *
Have you ever had any form of sexual disease *
Are you planning to have children? *
Family and Friends
Have you discussed how you will handle your in-laws on holidays and what influence they will have in you marriage? *
Have you discussed how you will handle old friends and acquaintances from interfering in your marriage? *
Stewardship and Money
What is the combined total balance of all your credit cards? *
Current status of your vehicle *
Do you owe the IRS or the court system any money? *
Did you file an income tax return last year? *
Have you ever co-signed a loan with or for anyone? (This includes; Home Mortgages, Car Lease, Bank Loans, etc.) *
What is your current living situation? *
Do you owe on medical/dental bills? *
Do you pay child support or alimony payments? *
Have you made a will? *
Do you have a driver’s license? *
Is your driver’s license suspended?
Do you have current auto insurance?
Have you ever received an inheritance or large sum of money by anyone?
If yes, have you discussed this with your future spouse?
The Bible and You
Do you have a daily devotional time? *
Do you and your fiancée pray together? *
Have you been water baptized since you believed? *