Spiritual Growth Groups

REAL Kids 4 Christ

Take equal quantities of excitement, energy, and adventure. Mix it with meaningful teaching, storytelling, and song. Voila, you have the children's ministry of Faith Fellowship Ministries! We offer age-specific classrooms for newborns all the way up through 6th grade. As part of REAL Kids 4 Christ, you'll interact with children and families while helping with our mission to introduce kids to Jesus in an environment that is safe, friendly, and fun. Whether providing a warm smile, sharing a cheerful disposition, or lending a helping hand, our volunteers make a difference in children's lives week in and week out, and we believe this is a great opportunity for you!


Immerse Groups

1 Peter 1:2 says that "...grace and peace are multiplied to us through the knowledge of the God and our Lord Jesus".  Immerse Groups are small groups designed to take the word of God to your family, friends, neighbors, workplace or anywhere you gather.  Take a break from the busy demands of everyday life and invest in your relationship with God and your relationships with the people around you.  Immerse Groups can consist 2 to 10 people that meet every week for 30 minutes or up to an hour and a half.  Bible study lessons are provided each week and are simple to share and discuss with others.  Basic training in how to facilitate an Immerse Group is also provided.  Sign up here for an Immerse Group today!