There is power in partnership!  For example: the same grace that's on the ministry that you sow your seed into, is on you.  This is just one of four benefits of partnership that Pastor Joe shares in this message from Paul's letter to the Philippians.


Within Holy Communion are nuggets of grace galore!  Grace for your health, your future, your forgiveness, your relationships, and your well being in every facet of life.  We are so blessed to have so many principles from God's Word on grace, hidden within communion to remind us of His goodness and love every time we celebrate.


Pastor Joe shares from Luke 1:24 how Elizabeth hid her pregnancy for five months, then in the sixth month was visited by her cousin Mary and her secret was made known.  This encounter reveals a strategic "preparation and positioning" process that believers experience when waiting to see what they have been praying for.


In Romans 5:15-17, gift mentioned five times.  Pastor Joe encourages believers to learn to receive what God wants to give us in our lives.  What is your response when you are given a gift?  That you have to pay it back or give something in return?  God wants to expand our "outside" to match the destiny that He has placed on the "inside" of each one of us.


Do you think more about what you don't have than what you do have? Eve had the same issue.  The answer?  Meditate on the Word until it becomes a way of thinking. There's a difference between thinking about a scripture and a way of thinking.  This teaching goes right to the heart and root of how destructive deception can be when we allow it to dominate our thoughts.  

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