2019 Vision - The Year of Great Change

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Are you ready for change? Meaningful and lasting change? GREAT change? As demonstrated in John 2 when Jesus performed His first miracle. In a millisecond water was turned into the best wine, that's a picture of your life. Enjoy this message as Pastor Joe shares the vision for 2019 - The Year of Great Change!
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2019 is the Year of Great Change. Great things and greater things are yet to come. Pastor Joe shares about the greater glory that the Bible talks about that is available to every believer. There are degrees of glory within us that we access through faith.
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Leadership is not a position, it's influence. We all have influence, but what kind of influence? Pastor Joe shares the difference in leadership between Saul and David. Saul was the people's choice, David was God's choice. Saul led by the law, David led by grace.

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Continuing in the series, 2019: The Year of Great Change, Pastor Joe brings you on a journey through the Word to the place of "more than enough". A place where a great change begins to take place within, and you are no longer satisfied or comfortable with "just enough".

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2019: The Year of Great Change…in you! When you became born again, the Lord took up residence on the inside of you and never left. He is with you, in you, and for you. Contrary to those that say that the Holy Spirit leaves when you sin and returns when you are obedient, the Lord will never leave your or forsake you, regardless of your behavior. The blessing of the Lord is on you. Wherever you go, you bring the anointing, the blessing with you…on your job, at your school, in your home. Pastor shares these truths and more in this powerful message.

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