2019 Vision - The Year of Great Change

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Are you ready for change? Meaningful and lasting change? GREAT change? As demonstrated in John 2 when Jesus performed His first miracle. In a millisecond water was turned into the best wine, that's a picture of your life. Enjoy this message as Pastor Joe shares the vision for 2019 - The Year of Great Change!
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2019 is the Year of Great Change. Great things and greater things are yet to come. Pastor Joe shares about the greater glory that the Bible talks about that is available to every believer. There are degrees of glory within us that we access through faith.

As the Year of Great Change, it’s important to remember to seek the “Changer” and not the changes. The change God wants to do in all of us is in our soul, by His Spirit, from the inside out. This step by step teaching from Pastor Joe takes you through a self-aware, candid, raw process of change, real change. One of his best teachings by far.

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